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HRPROJ stands for Humanitarian Research Projects, the type of effort associated with this Web site.
Humanitarian Research Projects is not the name of a company
or a copyright name that has any association with this Web site.

Files And Data From My Freewebz.com and Netcom.com Web Sites
Are Gradually Being Transferred To This Present Web Site


Archives Forecast Data For Past Significant Earthquakes

Information Regarding The Archives Web Page Data

The Year Charts For Past EM Signals

Freewebz.com Earthquake Forecasting Web Site

Freewebz.com Earthquake Forecasting Data

Earthquake Forecasting Resources

The Etdprog.exe Earthquake Forecasting Computer Program

Downloadable Freeware Programs

A Demonstration Earthquake Forecasting Program

A Much Older Netcom.com Earthquake Forecasting Web Site

ISEP - The International Society For Earthquake Precursors

The Earthwaves Prediction Forum       The Yahoo Earthwaves Group

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