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This Web page contains information regarding the SunGP.exe
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SunGP = Sun, moon, and Gravity Point data

SunGP.exe related files are stored in, a downloadable Zip file.    The latest version is SunGP.exe.1.A.2.2009/01/17

The files are:  SunGP.exe  SunGPin.dat  SunGPout.dat  SunGP.txt  Xnmba420.dll  Xnmte420.dll  ReadMe.txt  Copyright-info.txt  and

NOTE  -  SunGP.exe was developed by independent researchers.  It is not a commercial computer program and has not had extensive testing for accuracy and reliability.  Program users should not rely exclusively on the data that it generates when they are making important decisions.  Efforts are underway to create a specially protected storage area for the zip file copies of the program.  In the mean time program users are on their own to ensure that the program does not contain a virus.  If it helps, version SunGP.exe.1.A.2.2009/01/17 is exactly 557,374 bytes in size.  And the zip file containing it is 406,720 bytes in size.

       SunGP.exe is a freeware compiled TrueBasic ™ computer program that generates information regarding the latitude and longitude of the Subsolar Point, the Sublunar Point, and the Gravity Point as well as the distance between the Earth and the sun, and the Earth and the moon.  The program is designed to run on PC type computers using the Windows ™ Vista, XP, 2000, and NT operating systems.  It is presently not known if it will run on other computers or with other operating systems.  However, the source code is available in the SunGP.txt file.  People can try compiling it with other versions of Basic or with other computers and operating systems.

       As shown below, if you draw a line between the centers of the Earth and the moon, the Sublunar Point is the location on the surface of the Earth through which that line passes.  The Subsolar Point is a similar location related to a line drawn between the centers of the Earth and the sun.  And the Gravity Point is a location on the surface of the Earth where the sun and moon gravities are combined using a ratio of 2.5 for moon gravity strength versus sun gravity strength.  The Gravity Point is always fairly close to the location of the Sublunar Point and is intended to be somewhere in the vicinity of the location where the Tide Generating Force is strongest.

       The Etdprog Earthquake And Tornado Data Evaluation Computer Program stores a UTC format date and time in a file named SunGPin.dat and directs SunGP.exe to start running.  The data SunGP.exe generates are stored in a file named SunGPout.dat.  The Etdprog program reads that file, extracts the necessary information, and uses the data to do its earthquake forecasting and research calculations.

     The following are examples of SunGP.exe input and output using a year 2008 eclipse time where the Subsolar, Sublunar, and Gravity Point longitudes have the same values.

SunGPin.dat  =  2008/08/01 10:00:00

SunGPout.dat  =

2008/08/01  UTC format input date
  10:00:00  UTC format input time
     17.87  Subsolar point latitude
    328.42  Subsolar point longitude
     17.73  Sublunar Point latitude
    328.42  Sublunar Point longitude
     17.77  True Gravity Point latitude
    328.42  True Gravity Point longitude
     58.42  0 to 89 degree range value for Sublunar Point longitude
     58.42  0 to 89 degree range value for Gravity Point longitude
       .01  Sun - Earth - Moon angle
     1.015  Distance between Earth and sun (astronomical units)
    367821  Distance between Earth and moon (kilometers)
      3.50  Combined sun and moon gravities at the Gravity Point

       The above “0 to 89” degree range longitude values are needed for the Etdprog computer program calculations.  They are generated by subtracting some multiple of 90 degrees from the true Sublunar and Gravity Point longitudes so that the final numbers are in the 0 to 89 degree range.

       SunGP.txt is the TrueBasic ™ language source code for SunGP.exe.  Xnmba420.dll and Xnmte420.dll are files that need to be in the same directory as SunGP.exe in order for it to run. is a Windows zip file containing all of the SunGP.exe related files.

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