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This Web page contains information regarding downloadable freeware computer
programs and files related to earthquake forecasting and earthquake research.

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Etdprog.exe       SunGP.exe        A Demonstration Earthquake Forecasting Program

Etdprog.exe  -  Click here for the Etdprog.exe Web page.   The Etdprog Earthquake And Tornado Data Evaluation computer program is used to determine the locations of fault zones responsible for electromagnetic energy field pulses.  Expected earthquakes will then at times occur in or near those fault zones.  It can be used to do advanced earthquake triggering research.  And it might have some applications for tornado forecasting.

SunGP.exe  -  Click here for the SunGP.exe Web page.   SunGP.exe program users submit a UTC date and time.  And the program generates latitude and longitude information for the positions of the sun and moon in the sky along with data related to the distances between the Earth and the sun, and the Earth and the moon.

Click Here To See A Demonstration  Earthquake  Forecasting  Program   This is not an actual computer program but rather an example of what such a program might look like.

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